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Manga Classification Descriptions

Madman and our partner publishers understand that because of the visual nature of manga and prior misunderstandings regarding comics and graphic novels in general, you may be concerned about the appropriateness of each series for different age groups.

Manga from TOKYOPOP and VIZ Media are rated based on their content and those ratings can be found on our order forms as well as on the back of each book. The definitions of the ratings are below:


All Ages: Suitable for ages 6 and up. May contain cartoon violence and potty humour.
Youth: Suitable for ages 10 and up. May contain mild language, fantasy violence, and bullying.
Teen: Suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain infrequent and mild profanity, mild violence and gore, crude humour, mild sexual language and themes, nondescript nudity, and mild fanservice, as well as references to tobacco, alcohol and illegal drug use.
Older Teen: Suitable for ages 16 and up. May contain profanity and strong language, moderate violence and gore, moderate sexual themes and sexual violence, nudity, moderate fanservice, and alcohol and illegal drug use.
Mature: Suitable for ages 18 and up. May contain excessive profanity, and language, intense violence, excessive gore, explicit sexual language, themes and violence, and explicit fanservice.

Viz Media

All Ages: May be suitable for readers or consumers of any age. For example, may contain mild language and fantasy violence but no swearing or nudity.
Teen: May be suitable for early teens and older. For example, may contain violence, infrequent use of strong language, suggestive themes or situations, crude humour, alcohol and/or tobacco use.
Teen Plus: May be suitable for older teens and adults. For example, may contain intense and/or gory violence, sexual content, frequent strong language, alcohol, tobacco, and/or other substance use.
Mature: Suitable for adults only. May contain extreme violence, mature themes and graphic depictions.

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