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Fate/grand Order: Pikuriru! Fate/grand Order Trading Acrylic Keychain Vol.4 (Re-Run) (Box of 10)

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*Important information: Box of 10 purchase only.

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- Avenger/Edmond Dantes
- Saber/Attila
- Lancer/Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
- Lancer/Brynhildr
- Lancer/Hector
- Rider/Ushiwakamaru
- Caster/Elizabeth Bathory (Halloween)
- Caster/Tamamo no Mae
- Berserker/Nightingale
- Ruler/Amakusa Shirou

Specifications: Box of 10 Blind Pack. All 10 species.
Size : 80 x 50 mm. Material: Acrylic, Metal. Made in JAPAN
Manufacturer: HOBBY STOCK

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