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Fullmetal Alchemist Collection 2 (V7-13) (Fatpack)

"Combine equal parts alchemy, neo-western drama, and comedy and you've got one helluva cool show."
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The search for the Philosopher’s stone continues!

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Director: Seiji Mizushima
Country: Japan
Year: 2003
Runtime: 675 mins

Edward and Alphonse Elric continue on their journey to find the Philosophers stone to restore their lost bodies. In order to do so they must come to face with many people from the past and discover the true purpose of the Homunculi.

Will their journey lead them to the promised powers? Find out in the second and final Fullmetal Alchemist Collection. Contains the final seven volumes of this must-own series.

Special Features
  • Character profiles
  • Production art
  • Image gallery
  • Textless songs
  • Commentary track
  • Inside look featurette

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