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Michio Mamiya, Masahiko Sato, Kazuo Kikkawa - Grave of the Fireflies Image Album Collection (Lp)

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10 Tracks Total
Composers: Michio Mamiya, Masahiko Sato, Kazuo Kikkawa

Composers Michio Mamiya, Masahiko Sato and Kazuo Kikkawa express their feelings about war, and the story of the young sibling protagonists Seita & Setsuko, in this concept album.

*12 page saddle stitch liner notes booklet included (Score/Round-table talk with director Takahata & three composers etc.).

Side A
1. Firefly
2. Episode I "Evening"
3. Older Brother, Younger Sister
4. Another Air Raid, The War Continues
5. Episode II "Setsuko"
6. Mother

Side B
1. Hotaru
2. By The Side Of The Brook (Twilight With Fireflies)
3. The Illusion Of A Gentle Breeze And Red Parasol
4. Black Rain, Summer Grass

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