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My Neighbor Totoro: Nesting Dolls (Ensky)

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Available March 29 2024

Totoro nesting (or matryoshka) dolls make the perfect gift to a Totoro fan. Our item here is a modern take on the traditional Russian craft that features several characters from the film. The largest in the set of dolls is a dark gray Totoro, followed by a light gray Totoro, then a Blue Totoro, followed by the white Totoro, followed by an acorn, and finally the chain is stopped with a tiny dust bunny. Use them to decorate your room. Line them up or fill them with small items like jewelry, keys, or even snacks! Although nesting dolls are considered to a national symbol of Russia, the doll's Russian makers were actually inspired by earlier Japanese wooden nesting dolls that featured the Seven Lucky Gods, seven different Japanese deities who are believed to bring about good fortune.

Manufacturer: ensky
Series: My Neighbor Totoro
Size: 28.4 x 19.9 x 12 cm
Material: PVC

Copyright: © 1988 Studio Ghibli

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