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Sailor Moon Complete Series (Seasons 1-5) (Limited Edition)

"For as much hype as Sailor Moon gets, it's always nice to confirm once in a while that, yes, it's all deserved. "
- Anime News Network
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Country: Japan
Year: 1992
Runtime: 5075 mins

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
When 14-year-old Usagi Tsukino saves a talking cat named Luna, she receives a magic brooch that transforms her into Sailor Moon. Now she must find the other Sailor Guardians and work together to track down the Moon Princess as well as defend Earth against the evil Queen Beryl and her four lieutenants.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R
Usagi and her friends return to their normal lives after their epic battle,but the Sailor Guardians are called back into action when powerful new enemies appear. By the power
of the Legendary Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon gains strength with a dazzling new attack and transformation.The coming battle won’t be easy, but things get even... More »

Special Features
  • SEASON 1
  • - Behind The Scenes of the new English Dub
  • - Textless Openings
  • - Textless Endings
  • SEASON 2
  • - Opening and Ending Songs
  • SEASON 3
  • - Textless Opening and Closing Animation
  • SEASON 4
  • - Clean Opening and Closing Songs
  • - TV Special
  • SEASON 5
  • - Clean Opening and Closing Songs

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