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Ghost in the Shell (Blu-Ray)

"This is a work of profound and melancholic beauty; every bit as essential in the 21st century as it was in the 20th."
- Robbie Collin (The Telegraph)
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The definitive cyberpunk masterpiece, and one of the most influential sci-fi works of all time.

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Country: Japan
Year: 1995
Runtime: 82 mins

It found a voice... now it needs a body.

In a world caught in the grip of information overload, where artificial intelligence is more than the real thing and cyborg cops spend their lives surfing on an electronic sea of living data, only the Ghost - the indefinable element of human consciousness - exists to determine who is alive and who is purely a creation of the net.

Major Motoko Kusanagi is an elite officer in the Section 9 security force: a cybernetic agent so heavily modified that little more than her Ghost remains. Along with fellow cyborg Bateau and the mostly human Togusa, Kusanagi is set on the trail of a computer-criminal known as the Puppet Master, a data thief skilled enough... More »

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